Monday, September 21, 2009

Poor Student's $2.50 Bento Meal

I got my bento box in the mail today, yay. In celebration, I cooked up my first bento meal. It was really quick and cheap to prepare (although it's not that healthy). Not including money for the actual lunch box, I payed only $2.50 for this meal.

Here's what I included:

-Grape tomatoes and steamed carrots on a bed of spinach leaves
-Stovetop seafood flavored ramen with diced carrots
-Fruit medley of grapes, strawberries, and apple slices soaked in soda water
-Storebought green tea mochi and Japanese biscuits with chocolate filling

Wondering how all this was just $2.50? Here is my secret!
At CNU, there is a great salad bar included in the meal plan. I assume that all over the country, there are these secret salad bars that include everything from Velveta cheese cubes to spicy bananna peppers. I take a to-go box and do my "grocery shopping" in the comfort of my campus's cafeteria and salad bar. I pilfer the tomatoes, carrots, spinach leaves, grapes, strawberries, and apple slices from the salad bar. Ramen is $.20, a six-pack of mochi is $1.30, and the biscuits are just $1.00. There you have it! Poor Student's $2.50 Bento meal.

The presentation was adequate for a first Bento box (In my humble opinion). Like the obsessed freak I am, I ran off to Anime Club with my little Bento and showed it off. It was make-a-plushie night, and I'll upload my plushie tomorrow. (:

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