Monday, September 21, 2009


Photograph of one of my old beloved betta fish. Rest in peace, lil' guy!

Here's to my new blog, Pugs 'N Cupcakes! I don't really know what I'm doing as of yet, but here is a little about me and stuff I like a great deal:

-Unique and artsy things
-My odd cooking endeavors
-Pugs and other hideously adorable animals
-Things containing the color purple
- Strange events afoot at CNU
-Things that I want but cannot afford
-Coloring in printed coloring pages
-Interesting videogames
-Whatever else I think is worthy of my time :P

Here are some facts about me, Nikki.

My name is Nicole. My nick-name is Nikki. My nick-nick name is Nik. I'm a student at Christopher Newport University. I have kickass friends and a bitchin' boyfriend. I like trying new things, which may or may not include cooking, art, driving to new places, and meeting new people. I like pugs, oh and ghosts, chupacabras, aliens, and anything else that is out of this world. That's all I really feel like writing about myself.

Oh, and unless I give credit to the appropriate person, the photos and artwork here belong to meee! I don't care if you use it, as long as you e-mail me and give me credit.

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